Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building spirit filled disciples, and sending them to win and build others. We hope to build the body of Christ through prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.


Movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.




THE GROWTH: YEAR 2002-2004



The groundwork for the KCCC ministry in Los Angeles was laid by “Nazareth Brothers”, a sister-ministry of KCCC for college alumni.

Korea Campus Crusade for Christ was established in New York by Young Won Kang, the first KCCC staff member.

Soon Young Kang from Korea became the very first full time staff and director of KCCC LA. Under his leadership, various layman ministries are launched and bear fruits such as “Layman Discipleship Training,””Family ministry” and “Q.T. ministry.”



Vision Conference is an annual winter convention hosted by KCCC with an open invitation to college students to experience personal revival and to seek their vision from the Lord. A day of fasting begins this powerful conference, followed by world-renown speakers, compelling seminars, and creative worship. In 1997, the conference had 7 attendees- by 2005, this number had risen to almost 1100, testifying to the power of Vision Conference, as students find healing and true meaning in their lives. 

GCTC: The Great Commission Training Center. 

GCTC is Campus Crusade for Christ’s staff training program. The program is an intense one-year training course designed to equip and train those individuals who receive God’s clear calling to serve as full-time ministry workers. With the first GCTC class comprised of just twelve graduates, the steadfastness in the number of new trainees has produced a total of 83 KCCC USA full-time staff members, all having undergone this vigorous spiritual training. 


Beginning in 1997 with 35 students, KCCC Summer Missions has expanded to send out 390 students to over 9 different countries in 2005. Summer Missions is a program facilitated by the ministry with the goal of sending students overseas to evangelize withing the “10/40 Window,” the least evangelized nations in the world. Those who are sent out as short-term missionaries giving the opportunity to develop loving relationships with the people on the 10/40 Window. By sharing the name of Jesus to people of all nations, KCCC seeks to share God’s unconditional love and thus fulfill the Great Commission.   


Initiated in 1997, Gethsemane began as a prayer movement to fuel the KCCC ministry’s vision, faith, and growth. Since then, it has escalated into a powerful weekly gathering of passionate college students who come to experience heartfelt praise and worship, stirring campus presentations, an meaningful messages. Named after Jesus’ encounter at the Garden of Gethsemane, these prayer meetings are punctuated by students’ loud cries for personal, campus, nation, and world revival. 

THE GROWTH: YEAR 2002-2004


STINT, or Short Term International is a program for students who want to dedicate themselves to a 6 month to year-long mission overseas. A STINTer’s main goal is to help strengthen and build solid Christian leadership within the growing Christian nations of East Asia, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Cambodia. 


The KCCC building that was purchased in 2004 is true testament and answer to the many prayers of staffs and students as God has allowed the ministry to obtain the support to purchase a building that was far beyond expected. Currently this building serves as a training center for students and future staff. In the future, this building will become a center for campus revival and center for student prayer movements.